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Effortless Approach to Your Prosthetics Billing Services

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With the increasing rate of medical problems, the demand for medical services has enlarged. Delay in accruing any medical treatment and pieces of equipment has always been a turnoff. Healthcare provider finding it difficult to keep up with the trends, rules, and regulation in the medical billing world hence more option of outsourcing is seen. In a recent AMA survey, outsourcing has been the best option in reducing the workload and solution to a faster profit generation. Outsourcing medical billing service such as DME billing, Orthotics, radiology, prosthetics billing service have always helped the healthcare provider focus more on patients care.

Outsourcing helps in reducing not only employment cost but also help in building a strong patient relationship. Outsourcing organization like Sunknowledge Service Inc is one of the best medical billing services serving for decades now. We help in the reduction of operational cost but also effectively manage claims. With a 100 clientele list including Medtronic, no write-offs or adjustment on claims is done without the client's consent. With Sunknowledge a 100% HIPAA compliant, 30% reduction in AR bucket with the 1st month is certain. A no-cost dedicated account manager working for your account with customized reporting daily/ weekly / monthly for financial review is also one of our benefits.

prosthetics billing service

Sunknowledge Workflow for Prosthetics Billing Process:

• Rx Order Entry

• Patient demographics & insurance entry

• Product Code/Rx & Dx Entry

• Eligibility verification/Authorization

• Collection of complete Rx

• Collection of documents for Auth approval

• Submission

• Rejection/denial management

• A/R Follow-up

A team worth trusting:

Our well-equipped resources will make sure of all your denial claims are addressed properly. To leverage Sunknowledge benefit for your prosthetics billing services and other medical specialties, Sunknowledge is one stop perfect destination to your entire medical billing problem. For more information check our website or call Sunknowledge expert, in order to get an effective solution for profitable cash generation.

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