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Reduce Your DME Pre Billing Uncertainties with Sunknowledge

· DME Pre Billing

Even though thousand of outsourcing organizations are providing medical billing services to most of the healthcare providers in the US, there are very few organizations excelling in offering DME pre billing services where Sunknowledge being one of them.

The heavy lifting pre-billing activities which Sunknowledge provides starts with Order Entry. This is followed by eligibility Verification and Authorization, doctor Office Follow-up, order Confirmation and scheduling of Delivery along with free credential services which no other RCM offers.

Why choose us for your pre-billing activities?

We are the only practice management/revenue cycle management that offers excellence in pre-billing service with a 99.9% accuracy rate during our working process and free credential services. We ensure the right checks and balance for better cash flow for our clients with 80% operational cost reduction.With the highest productive metric our well equipped resources can meet and beat any given price.

dme pre billing

What makes us different?

Our pre-billing activities not only ensure complete operational transparency but also ensure doctor and patients calling during the process for the need of relevant documents and information, which is rare. Even our end to end CPAP compliance sells support to our clients offering to track, contact as well as counseling activities on the patients.Also makes us different from the others. We in fact, have a track record in increasing the compliance rate from 40% to 80%.

Other benefits

• Dedicated account manager 24*7 for all medical billing assistance
• Robust reporting providing daily/weekly/monthly report according to the client’s protocol.
• We ensure 97% first pass collection rate
• Our service charge is only $7 per hour FTE
• Our resources are skilled in working different billing software such as OPIE, SOS, Futura, Brightree billing services and many more
• No write-offs or adjustment are claims made without the client's consent
• Hiscox Insurance covers of $1 million for errors of Omission and Commission
• No binding contract or no lock up policy

So if you are looking to ease your DME pre-billing activities along with effective cash flow solution call Sunknowledge expert over a 'no commitment call', we are just a call away!

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