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Here’s Looking at The Quintessential Prior Authorization Company

· Prior Authorization

Prior Auth Online is the ultimate prior authorization company established in the year 2007, which takes care of the first and most important step of Revenue Cycle Management, which is prior authorization. Prior Authorization is the practice of ensuring the insurance coverage for the medical expenses enlisted in the claim by the payer. In the absence of prior authorization, the task of revenue recovery becomes confused, convoluted and time consuming. Hence, while the importance of prior authorization cannot be over emphasized, the real challenge is choosing the right prior authorization company to meet the needs of the provider.

Here is a Host of Reasons for Selecting Prior auth Online for The Purpose.

  • 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • A comprehensive range of services including authorization request, follow up, approval
  • Turnaround time less than 48 hours
  • Low service fees with no hidden cost
  • Zero lock up services contracts that can be cancelled any time
  • String of stellar references from clients across the globes
  • Real time audits and custom reporting
  • Excellent visibility and proven expertise

The other additional advantages of our company are as follows

  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Instant service with an accuracy rate of 99.9%
  • An enviable clientele across the medical domain
  • The only firm specializing in pre-certification
  • Successful claim adjudication for large and influential clients
  • An increase in current rate of completed requests

The process that is followed for filing pre auth is as follows

Authorization Initiation

  • Calling up the insurance company to know about their filing process and the turnaround time  
  • Collecting the prior authorization form and other relevant medical documents from the providers
  • Submission of the pre authorization form following the protocol
  • Tracking the receipt of the same

Authorization follow up

  • Communicating with the payer to know the status of request as per the turnaround time along with giving the relevant papers as asked for later

Acknowledgement of Auth Approval

  • Updating the final status of the request of either denial or acceptance in the provider’s system with additional service information

Please do visit our website to know more.

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