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Appropriate DME Billing Solution for Your Cash Flow

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The purpose of DME products has always been there to help everyone experience a better and easy way of living. With the ever demand of the products healthcare providers always looks for outsourcing their DME Billing services for a cost-effective result.

Sunknowledge service Inc with its decades of working experience with both payer and providers has created a place, best suited as an operational extension for any medical billing services. Our team is evenly trained with required knowledge that provides seamless operational activities for all the pre and posts billing service.

dme billing

Sunknowledge also provides:

• Order Entry

• Eligibility Verification and Authorization

• Doctor Office Follow-up

• Order Confirmation

• Scheduling of Delivery

  • Billing & Collections

• Creation of Claims

• Claims Submission & Rejections

• Cash Posting

• A/R Follow-up

• Rejection & Denial Management

An organization with 100% HIPAA compliant, unmatchable productivity metric and an instant 80% reduction in operational cost is quite tempting. A 99.9% accuracy with a 98% collection rate has always been Sunknowledge expert’s one of the focus area in gaining a better practice management experience. Even for the provider assistance, it provides with a dedicated account manager with no service charge as well as a customized reporting daily/weekly/monthly according to clients needs. With more than 100 clientele list including Medtronic, it offers $7 dollar per hr for its service is definitely worth a try.

So why wait? An organization with Errors of Omission & Commission Insurance support from Hiscox/Geico (Liability Cover of $1 million) is ready for proving you with effective DME billing approach. So Make your life easy by call our expert for a streamline operation to increase your profitability. If you are looking for a top-notch solution for your DME billing issues, call Sunknowledge service Inc and speak to our expert over a ‘no commitment call’. We are just a call away.

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