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Drive Cash Flow With Streamlined Urgent Care Billing

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Sunknowledge Services Inc imagines a better solution, explores the possibilities of challenges and infuses best practices that helps your better your urgent care experience. We help patients get engagement and convenience while the providers are able to save energy and time. Our team helps in bettering on-demand healthcare seamlessly.

We have the perfect urgent care billing approach which is efficient, intuitive and intentional. We make it easier for your clinical, front desk, billing and administrative staff and help you in getting patients in and out fast. We understand your urgent care practice like none other and help in configuring it to work the way you need the most by working as your operational extension.

urgent care billing

The best when it comes to Urgent Care billing

  • Highest productivity metrics with the highest collection rate (97% guaranteed)
  • 80% reduction in current billing cost…instantly
  • 100’s of best clients in Urgent Care including ModernMD
  • The lowest price/ $7 per hour/We can meet or beat any price
  • Dedicated account manager at no cost/Unparalleled Operational transparency
  • No binding contracts/Walk out in 30 days
  • Errors of Omission & Commission Insurance support from Hiscox/Geico (Liability Cover of $1 million)
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Customized reporting standards meeting your protocols
  • We do AR follow up for Medicare & Medicaid, Workers Compensation and Travelers Insurance
  • We stop loss of revenue by determining actual AR , eliminate frequent write off chances on aging accounts
  • Our team shares weekly write off requests and takes corrective actions with client permission
  • Resolutions oriented follow up on denied claims that cover sending over the corrected claims, reprocessing it with appeals, calls etc.“We improve our client’s financial performance as we go beyond just processing data! We manage, analyze & optimize revenue cycle by working as a dedicated extension”.

Looking to know more about our urgent care billing? Let us share our references, best practices with you over a no commitment call. We are sure, that the discussion will help you with more ideas, improve your operational transparency and help in securing reimbursements in the best possible manner.

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